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Postbox 31
3910 Kangerlussuaq
Contact Rakel or Amâsa

For contact, please use the "Book Online" page if the desired trip / experience can be found there.


For specific wishes and further information regarding hunting, specific trips or boat charter, please contact us with the provided E-mail address.

About Polar Trophy Hunt

Polar Trophy Hunt is a local company that for several years has operated with professional trophy hunting for wildlife near the Polar Circle.

We are professional hunters with several years of experience. However, our lives are governed by the forces of Nature.

We follow it and adapt to nature.


The purpose of Polar Trophy Hunt is that we will show our sometimes harsh and unique nature as well as today's hunting culture.

We place a high value on safety and a good experience for our customers. And for boat charter we use a captain with an approved maritime certificate and a good experience with sailing and safety.



Kangerlussuaq - Sønderstrømfjord is one of the longest fjords in Greenland. Located by the Polar Circle, surrounded by beautiful mountains, unspoiled nature and vast areas.


In summer the temperature is around +10 - +20 degrees. And can in winter hit -45 degrees Celsius.


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