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Experience Kangerlussuaq in the winter

Experience dog sledding in the Arctic landscape

Kangerlussuaq which is the southernmost dog sledding district in Greenland.

In today's Greenland, the dog sled culture has been challenged by modern lifestyles, where motorized vehicles have dominated and not to mention the fact that it is a huge job to have a dog team.


Fortunately, there are still brave and cool people who have chosen a lifestyle which includes dog sledding.


The Greenlandic sled dog is one of the purest dog breeds and you will experience this fantastically strong dog; up close, with a two-hour dogsled ride.


The everyday life of the dogs is spent together outside where a naturally occurring internal hierarchy is formed.

Here the dogs live in an extreme climate, where it is very hot parts of the summer and very cold in parts of the winter.

Your dog sled ride will take place on the frozen fjord ice, where it is relatively flat.

Here you can sit on the sled and recharge your batteries.

The strong forces of nature and the dogs will automatically give you peace.

Red cheeks, fresh air and the surrounding landscape will make you feel alive.

While driving you will see how happy the dogs are for working and how they work as a team with the rider.


We can tailor your trip. Just write to us at with your wishes and we will come up with a plan and prices

*Sled season depends on snow cover and may vary from said time period.

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