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Fishing trips

Catch trout, halibut, wolffish etc.

The fishing trip takes place with a new well-equipped charter boat Qooqa 600. It is passenger approved for transport of 6 pax and is equipped with statutory rescue equipment.

In some cases we will have our Nuummit 19 with us as a companion boat.


Whether you choose trout fishing, deep sea fishing, boat charter or Drop off / on, we strive to give you a unique experience.


Trout fishing

Departs from the fjord ice and runs from mid-June to August.

We arrange everything from hour-based tours to multi-day tours with overnight stays in a Camp.

Halibut and Wolffish fishing

We also arrange Halibut and Wolffish fishing, which runs from June to July. This type of fishing will take place further out in the fjord and thus requires a multi-day trip.


You just send us an email, and we will arrange the trip according to your wishes.


-Clothes for changeable weather.


-Own fishing equipment if you wish (fishing equipment can be borrowed).

*Depends on ice cover in the Kangerlussuaq fjord and may vary from the mentioned time period.

Fixed prices for fishing: Minimum 2 pax


2.5 hour fishing trip:
800 pr.pax
the trip include
Coffee / tea


5 hour fishing trip:
1,400 pr.pax
the trip include
Coffee / the sandwich

7 hour fishing trip:
1,900 pr.pax
the trip include
Coffee / the sandwich as well as the opportunity to grill your catch is included in the price


We can also make tailor-made offers from outside your / your wishes what you need is to write to us at:

Time period:
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